Worcester Housing Authority

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We invite you to contact us, using the following information.


Worcester Housing Authority
40 Belmont Street
Worcester, MA 01605


Phone Fax
Connecting all Departments 508-635-3000 508-635-3186
Board of Commissioners
Executive Director
508-635-3000 508-635-3186
Admissions 508-635-3300 508-635-3190
Family Services

Family Self Sufficiency – Public Housing 508-635-3562

Family Self Sufficiency – Section 8 508-635-3145

Finance 508-635-3115 508-635-3187
Human Resources 508-635-3158 508-635-3186
Information Technology 508-635-3155 508-798-4591
Leased Housing (Section 8) 508-635-3148 508-635-3191
Maintenance 508-635-3200 508-635-3294
508-635-3302 508-798-4627
Public Safety 508-635-3208 508-798-4627
Purchasing 508-635-3202 508-635-3289
Resident Services 508-635-3306 508-421-3316

TDD 508-798-4530
Transitional Housing 508-635-3355 508-421-3316
Volunteer Opportunities

Belmont Street Management Office 508-635-3050 508-635-3052
Curtis Management Office 508-635-3249 508-421-5183
GBV Management Office 508-635-3209 508-635-3288
Lakeside Management Office 508-798-4531 508-421-5152
Murray-Wellington Management Office 508-798-4519 508-798-4520
Pleasant Street Management Office 508-798-4643 508-798-4535


When writing or calling, you may use the following directory

Executive Director Raymond V. Mariano
Assistant Executive Director Alex Corrales
Deputy Director for Administration Michael Murphy
Deputy Director for Facilities Stanley Pitchko
Deputy Director for Finance Peter Fifield
Director of Admissions Jacqueline Martinez
Director of Family and Resident Services Carlton Watson
Director of Finance Larisa Fater
Director of Human Resources Suzanne Chung
Director of Information & Technology Michael A. Vecchi
Director of Leased Housing Laurie Matosky
Director of Maintenance Steve Alvarez
Director of Management Nancy Jones
Director of Modernization Celeste Hynick
Director of Public Safety Angel Rosario
Director of Purchasing Re Cappoli
General Counsel Antonia Peabody

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